One Word Domains
Affiliate Program

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One Word Domains Affiliate Program

📌 Category: Tech, Domains
📈 Price Range: $36 - $228
💰 Commission: 20%

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What is One Word Domains?

One Word Domains is a database of all available and brandable one-word domain names for your next startup idea.

Who are their target customers?

One Word Domains is perfect for entrepreneurs, brand marketers, and domain investors.

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What are One Word Domains's products?

What is their pricing model?

Annual subscription model

📝 Program Details

What's the commission rate?

One Word Domains pays out 20% in commission per sale to all its affiliates.

What are the payout terms?

Affiliates can request a withdrawal for all confirmed earnings after a 7-day buffer period, with a minimum payout amount of $100.

What are the payout methods?

Payouts are done via PayPal, with plans to add support for Stripe & bank/ACH transfer in the future.

How are the links tracked?

Recurrence uses both cookie- and cookieless-tracking to track every click/purchase that comes through your link, making sure that every sale you make is rightfully attributed to you.

How long is the tracking period?

Links are tracked for a 60-day period from the time when the user clicks on your link until they make the purchase.

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Are you a publisher with an audience that consists of entrepreneurs, brand marketers, and domain investors?

About Recurrence

What is Recurrence?

Recurrence is a lightweight affiliate management software that allows advertisers and publishers to keep track of all affiliate sales in one place.

What makes Recurrence better than the competition?

Can I use Recurrence to run my own affiliate program?

Yes, definitely! We're currently in closed beta but feel free to sign up for early-access here.