Affiliate Management
Made Simple

Affiliate Management Made Simple

What is Recurrence?

Recurrence is a lightweight affiliate management software that allows advertisers and publishers to keep track of all affiliate sales in one place.

🔗 Powerful Tracking

By employing the use of both cookie-tracking and cookieless-tracking, Recurrence is able to give a holistic snapshot of every click/purchase that you receive via your affiliate network, making sure that every sale is accurately attributed to the rightful affiliate.

📨 Email Notifications

You can customize your nofiications settings and choose to receive email notificaations for every click/purchase made via your affiliates' links.

💰 No Setup Fee

Unlike other affiliate management platforms that charge a hefty non-refundable fee to get your program set up, Recurrence doesn't charge a setup fee – we only take a small cut from every sale you make via your affiliates.

👨‍💻 Developer-Friendly

Our API is incredibly easy to set up (literally a single <script> tag in the <head> section of your HTML), but if you run into any issues, we have extensive documentation to make sure you never get stuck.

🚅 Lightweight Script

Our tracking script is less than 1KB in size and is delivered via Cloudflare's CDN, allowing your site to load much faster, ensuring the best user experience for your affiliates and customers.

🔐 Privacy-Focused

Recurrence is aware of various privacy concerns that your users might have and will never keep any personally-identifiable information of your users.

Join The Waitlist

Are you a startup founder looking to start your own affiliate program? We're currently in closed beta, but feel free to join the waitlist and get early access to Recurrence.